PSK31 is one of the latest communications modes to capture the interest of hams worldwide. Its inherent ability to dig out low, near-inaudible signals is ideally suited for low power QRP enthusiasts. The PSK31 digital modem engine, however, requires intense DSP processing that is only commonly available in PC sound card. Thus the PSK operator desiring portability for field operation is locked into using a laptop computer as a controller, which results in a cumbersome station. But there's hope!

The NUE-PSK is a standalone, battery-operated digital modem using a Microchip dsPIC33F microcontroller. The project uses a single graphic display for: transmit and receive text data, band spectrum, and tuning indication. When coupled with an SSB-capable transceiver and a standard PS2 keyboard, the NUE-PSK Digital Modem forms an effective, compact, and portable station for working the digial modes on the amatuer bands.

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