Если кому надоело лазать по деревьям и развешивать свои "веревки", и кидать длинные лучи через дома. Вот вам решение и на этот случай жизни. "TBL-CSV19" Pneumatic Antenna Launching System. С помощью сжатого Со2 "Выстреливает" леску с грузилом на более чем 40м.

This air-powered Tennis Ball launcher is designed to launch tennis balls over trees towing fishing line. The fishing line is used to pull up nylon twine and wire antennas, or heavier line and larger antennas. This design is 19 inches long and optimized to fit in a Rubbermaid (tm) plastic tote box so that it may be easily deployed to the field. These launchers are used by Amateur Radio groups doing Emergency Service and other portable work, as well as installing antennas in backyard trees.

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