CQ ohm from DJ-X8 Invite
DJ-X3, DJ-X3S and the popularity of compact wideband receiver Alinco has had to cope with, then, DJ-X7 is the zinger-slim size and performance, a leading manufacturer of air receiver to enter his sense of . DJ-X7 is a certain magazine's annual Best receiver also elected by popular models. (Incidentally IC-R5 did last year)

It's about time for the new model when you want to talk to me ... and we were, finally, appeared.
The name of the DJ-X8.
I bet you want this! That is a lot.
It has been good to follow!

The name suggests, is positioned as a DJ-X8 top models.
X3, X3S, X7 will have, but I lacked a little functional NAA has been saying how.
Also, the X2000 as features do not need the big fella up there, it is hard to carry, X3 and X3S and X2000 medium model is not? To some extent, The size and portability. Price is 10,000 yen, but not necessarily the X2000 is able to buy ... It's more like just the right model.

X2000 as all modes, 2 wave出来MASEN simultaneous reception is used, otherwise the latest features, including those features are most in need. Shortwave broadcasting medium wave broadcasting corresponding internal antenna bars, five-stage variable speed scan, IYAHONANTENA alphabetic symbols corresponding illuminated LCD display, reverse tone of the corresponding TONSUKERUCHI. Bugging device found even more powerful features.

Design is a very chic feel. Today's flow-line feeling is, but the radio equipment (receiver) like radios feeling that the (receiver). I wonder what the world map. This area is a little real look at him and it is difficult to evaluate.

The interesting thing is, with a numeric keypad, you know, with a numeric keypad and a quick change in the operation and simplified.
There is no numeric keypad, the Direct input has been prevented and no!
There is a numeric keypad, you do not need to touch it, no!
Both requests to meet ideas. (The old ones were similar.)

Then the nickel-hydrogen battery and charger set, but the size AA battery x 2 book has been used.
Using dependent on ,9-22 hours of receiving available from the acceptable degree of energy conservation, I think.

The option is the remote control and usage.
Very interesting option because the pros and cons of simultaneous release on who wanted it, but too late.
Various operations assignments done at the same time, MP3 player and connection, if usual in the music, when the signal-X8 switch AUX also equipped with features.

Yeah, the only body in the 17-minute recording and playback function. Then, this year, the PC memory management software Alinco's able to download from the site. ERW-4C PC and connect. Alternatively, a new type of USB option ERW-7 also soon be released.

Three single battery x 2 can be used in relation to the X3, X3S, X7 to比BEMASU and one size larger, so the point of note is required.
Handy machine normal size, but there are, a little too thin and hand馴染MANAI now has just might.

DJ-X8 introduce <br> introductory to the advanced user. Dress-up can be a key panel is useful wideband receiver birthday!
ADOBANSUTOYUZA ranging from beginners layer you can use wideband receiver "DJ-X8" appeared.
The default specification is the numeric keypad to use the frequency as well as direct access to the various features easy to itself, "a complex operation is not required," the user is supplied with the cover panel seated by Les key specifications can be changed .
Functionally, the medium wave broadcasting, in addition shortwave broadcast reception performance also improved bar antenna built of five choices scan speed of the two types of wiretap detection mode, flexible high-performance antenna adoption of the remote TOKONTORORU ceremony earphones (optional) POTABURUMEDIAPUREIYA sense of the realization of such use, including detailed specifications of a conventional machine to tune up.
Written memory, AM / FM / TV voice is easy to hear preset modes, IYAHONANTENA features, letters and symbols are the見易I illuminated LCD display possible, reverse tone of the response, including traditional TONSUKERUCHI from useful feature is packed, of course, a rechargeable battery charger is equipped with a standard package of full accessories sales.
DJ-X8 is a DJ-X3S, is X2000 as a little poor performance does not want the people to convince and save your Handy receiver.

DJ-X8 main advantages of medium wave <br> ● from 1.3 GHz to AM / FM / WFM mode cover. High sensitivity and high-performance integrated bar HOIPPUANTENA broadband antenna to receive practical. IYAHONANTENA also has a popular feature.
● traditional Howling detect expression, in addition to the broad range tap possible to display sonic expression equipped with a choice between tap detection mode.
● usability according to choose from removable keypad to adopt.
● rechargeable battery pack, charger includes a full specification accessories.
● 1000 ch memory and 50 pairs of PUROGURAMUSUKYANMEMORI with, of which 966 ch, 43 pairs popular frequency written. Bank is the initial state in 10. Computers can do a maximum of 50 to editing.
● maximum of 17 minutes of the received signal recording playback function.
● optional remote controller can connect to the chest in basic and music player switching is possible.
● rechargeable battery pack, charger includes a full accessory <br> ● five choices scan speed, high-quality reception of sound, dark and also better illuminated liquid crystal display, a strong signal is easy to hear ATTE Noether, and the basic performance of the receiver portion is entirely loyal to the mechanism and circuitry design of all new products.

Other features
● JR / MCA private railroads, and respond to radio-frequency variable signal KYANSERA empty line, such as taxi opposite tone corresponding to the 39 waves TONSUKERUCHI, CTCSS tone examine the tone scan equipment, a comfortable waiting for selection receiving realize <br> ● charge in the reception can stand type charger standard <br> ● Incoming sound quality is Hi / Lo switchable <br> ● TV / FM / AM radio reception can be used in the preset radio sensation ● mode <br> supplied nickel-metal-hydride battery (1800 mA) in approximately 20 hours of receipt is possible (our provision of measurement)
● busy and timer mode to choose VFO scanning program memory, and <br> timer mode is stopped time 5 to 25 seconds can be set arbitrarily <br> ● memory channels with a frequency any letter and sign up to six digits available <br> ● numeric keypad mode in any mode set menu assignments, with one-touch access possible WAIRUDOKI <br> ● options EDS-12 provides basic <br> Control Mode other set menu of four remote control keys can be assigned <br> ● -20 dB attenuator <br> ● receive priority is 5 CH memory is available <br> ● VFO mode of the receiver bandwidth of 14 banks split, the band quickly moved keystrokes <br> ● SUKYANSUKIPPU designated to temporarily lift all the possible lifting skip feature auto power ● <br> <br> ● key b. KKU are two different operations can accidentally lifted by the risk etc.etc ...

DJ-X8 General:
● receiver frequency range: 0.100 ~ 1299.995MHz
● radio format: F3E (FM / WFM) A3E (AM)
● frequency stability (-10 ° C to +60 ° C): -11 to +3 PPM
● Power Supply: external terminal 5.4 to 6.0VDC battery terminal 2.4 to 3.0VDC
● Dimensions (projection): 58 (W) x 99 (H) x 32 (D) mm
● Weight: approximately 220 g (EBP antenna-57N)
● current consumption <br> receive low-rated output: approximately 140 mA
Received standby time: about 80 mA
Battery saves time: approximately 26 mA
● receiving system WFM: Double Super terrorism to Dine NFM / FM TORIPURUSUPAHETERODAIN
● intermediate frequency:
1 st: 243.95MHz
2 nd: 39.15MHz (NFM / AM)
10.7 MHz (WFM)
3 rd: 450kHz (NFM / AM)
● receiver sensitivity (typical values):
30 to 470 MHz:-15dB µ (0.17μ V) below,
470 MHz: -11 dB µ (0.45μ V): <br> WFM (12dBSINAD):
76 to 470 MHz:-6dB μ (0.5μ V) below,
470 MHz: -3 dB µ (0.7μ V): <br> AM (10dBS / N):
0.1 to 50 MHz:-1dB μ (0.89μ V) below,
50 MHz: -13 dB µ dB (0.5μ V):
● Choose:
NFM / AM: -6dB/12kHz over the -60 dB/35kHz following <br> WFM: -6dB/130kHz over the -60 dB/300kHz than
● audio output (8 Ohm): Up to 100 mW or more

DJ-X8 initial accessories
EBP - 57N nickel-metal-hydride battery pack
EDC-139 AC adapter
EDC-154 charge stands
EA-154 helical antenna
Key cover (rubber sheet, screws)
Belt clip (screw)
HANDOSUTORAPPU <br> documentation frequency DETARISUTO warranty

Time <br> intermittent / continuous
Dry battery (alkaline battery two) approximately 22 / approximately 9 hours
Nickel-metal-hydride battery pack (EBP57N) Approximately 20 / approximately 8 hours