Some new product items of information entered from Tokyo high power.
Especially, being surprised HC-200AT.
Looking at type turn, as understood, presently it is new model of tuner HC-100AT of large popularity.
2ch, antenna change and automatic SWR meter, it is the new product of correspondence in the rig to of bulk relay adoption 200W.
- Frequency: 1.8 ~ 54MHz   
- Adjustable range: 5 ~ 500Ω (3.5~54MHz), 15 ~ 500Ω (1.8MHz)   
- Maximum rating input power: 200W (SSB and CW)   
- Input impedance: 50Ω   
- Antenna output: 2CH. change 3 system (M type x2, cable terminal x1)   
- Tuning electric power: 5 ~ 20W   
- Tuning time: The first average 1.5 seconds (less than maximum of 4 seconds), 0.2 seconds at time of memory   
- The quantity of memory CH.: 10CH.   
- Internal analog meter: Advance electric power (Pf) and SWR (automatic ticketing) you change   
- Power source: Below DC12 ~ 14V 0.8A   
- External size: 195 (W) x 60 (H) x 242(D) mm (projection thing not being included)