SG-2000 now with ADSP²

The power packed SG-2000 with ADSP²: A rugged HF transceiver with 1.8 to 30 MHz coverage and 150W PEP output. Type accepted for Marine SSB, the SG-2000 with ADSP² is also a fully capable amateur transceiver with SSB, CW, and AM operating modes. It has a time-proven, reliable design, with a removable operating head which is perfect for remote operation.

Rugged Performance

A built in RS-232 interface allows remote control of the transceiver for ALE or remote operations. The transceiver supports all current HF Digital modes when using an external modem. New features of the SG-2000 PowerTalk with ADSP² include second generation ADSP noise reduction and bandpass filtration, plus a switch selectable alarm generator for emergency operation.
Download the SG-2000 DOS interface software.

Operating Modes:
Frequency Range:
Options & Accessories

Frequency Stability:

RF Input/Output:
Current Consumption:
Transmitter power:
DC Voltage:
ADSP² & Alarm Generator
Noise Reduction Levels:
Band Pass Filters:
Additional Current Consumption:
Tone Rejection:
Dynamic Noise Rejection:
Alarm Generator:
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A3A, A3H, A3J, CW, LSB & USB
TX: 1.8-30 MHz, RX: .5-30 MHz
15L x 10W x 5H inches
12 pounds
Remote Head Option
external speaker, RS-232 Interface, Cables
+/- 10Hz
644 ITU voice & data factory programmed
100 user programmable (will scan 100)
50 ohms
Typically .8A RX, 16A TX
150W PEP output
Voice operated with syllabic detection
12 VDC
LCD for frequency/channel
S-metering, forward or reflected power
33 keys, including power & up/down all functions
Internal 1W 8 ohm speaker

13dB and 26dB
100, 500 and 1500 Hz
Less than 100mA
Better than 57dB
Better than 18dB
Switch selectable