micro KEYER II™ is the most powerful All-In-One multimodeUSB interface for CW, SSB, AM, FM, FSK and digitalmodes (RTTY, PSK31, SSTV,OLIVIA, MFSK, EchoLink and many others). Using a singleUSB port micro KEYER II™ can interface with any Windows-based logging or control programto run any FSK, AFSK, CW, SSB, AM, or FM mode. micro KEYER II™ includes a rigcontrol interface (CAT/CI-V) with interfaces for all radios, a powerful CWmemory keyer based on the K1EL WinKey, and a buffer/sequencer for Power Amplifier and LNA keying.

Integrated, standard USB soundcard optimized for all modeoperation. KEYER II is the only USB interface on themarket with support for all modes- including voice.

Dual channel audio for dual receive and SO2V support withdual receiver radios.

Completely redesigned microphone interface allows the use of
almost any microphone with any radio

Simplified and improved audio switching interface
Continuously adjustable microphone gain with separate
adjustments for each microphone

Automatic, intelligent switching between microphones
Soundcard output suitable for driving headphones or headset
for VoIP, Echolink or Skype operation

Two watt monitor output for an external speaker.
Separate monitor volume controls CW (sidetone), DVK, AFSK

Front panel indication of soundcard function (record, play)
provides visual confirmation of proper soundcard operation

Automatically prevents "hot mic" in digital mode operation.

Separate, sequenced LNAPTT output for switching VHF/UHF
preamplifier or HF RX antenna RX/TX switching
VOX support for Power Amplifier keying
Native support for QSK PA keying
Digital VOX - automatic PTT during sound card playback
Complete TX inhibit for hotswitch protection and transmiting
under critical conditions (transmitting path not ready)
Faster (3ms) keying relays

Integrated, high level paddle debouncer/interface
Visual indication of keyer speed
Optional “paddle only” side tone
Display of transmitted characters CW
Integrated contest serial number
Supports PS/2 keyboard or numeric keypad for memory recall

Low noise/high gain audio chain with independently controlled
line amplifiers for unbeatable weak signals decoding
Automatic sound card line input select for digital modes
Transmitted data display (FSK-RTTY only)

Customizable, two line LCD display with adjustable backlight
Separate power jack with power monitoring
CI-V output with simulated Icom “transceive data” when
connected to a supported radio allows use of IC-PW1 with
non-Icom transceivers.
Proprietary serial port simulates antenna tuner/control
protocols (support for SteppIR, antenna tuners)
FH-1/FH-2 or equivalent keypad for memory control
Soft touch knobs
Uses the same DB37 cable sets as microKEYER

Available in August

For more info see: http://www.microham.com