Wideband receiver with simultaneous receive capability.
Diversity receive capability.
50W output power on both VHF and UHF bands.
User-friendly operation.
Symmetric layout and easy-to-read graphical interface.
Separate controller from main unit.
The IC-2820H has a total of 522 memory channels.
Band scope function.
D-STAR digital voice + GPS receiver.
Location information exchange.
GPS alarm.
One touch reply function.
Built-in voice recorder and auto reply function.
Low-speed data communication.
DX communication over the D-STAR system.

Other features
* ±2.5ppm high frequency stability with TCXO unit
* Green to amber variable display background color
* 104Ч2 DTCS/50 CTCSS tone squelch operation
* Max. 45 channel/sec. high speed scan capability in programmed scanning mode
* 9600bps packet terminal, mini DIN (6-pin) connector
* Long or short squelch delay
* Automatic attenuator
* FM narrow capability
* Sub-band auto mute function
* 16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits)
* DTMF pager and code squelch function
* Auto power off
* Auto repeater function (USA version only)
* DTMF remote control function (USA version only)
* Weather channel with weather alert function (USA and EXP versions only)