NASA-Catalog: 40054


437.511 MHz CW beacon (temporary, 1 min interval)

437.250 MHz CW beacon (callsign DP0AIS, voltage, temps, RSSI)



Orbital Parameter

NORAD                   40054
COSPAR designator       2014-034-B 
Inclination             98.250
RA of A. Node           305.866
Eccentricity            0.0015966
Argument of Perigee     86.421
Revs per day            14.73166320
Period                  1h 37m 44s (97.73 min)
Semi-major axis         7 029 km
Perigee x Apogee        640 x 662 km
BStar (drag term)       0.000000000 1/ER
Mean anomaly            273.885

A PSLV-C23 carries French Earth Observation Satellite SPOT-7 as its chief payload. The 714 kg SPOT-7 is accompanied by NLS7.1 (CAN-X4) and NLS7.2 (CAN-X5) of Canada each weighing 15 kg, a 14 kg AISAT of Germany and a 7 kg VELOX-1 of Singapore. A few minutes after the launch PSLV-C23 rocket placed all five satellites on intended orbit around Earth.


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