US Naval Academy PSAT
BRICSat-P is a low cost 1.5U CubeSat that will demonstrate on-orbit operation of an electric propulsion system. A four thruster head system will be placed on one side of the spacecraft around the center of gravity and will de-tumble the satellite from its initial expulsion, demonstrate rotational control about two axes, and perform a delta-v end-of-life scenario. Orbital analyses performed indicate that the four thruster-head system is able to fit in a 1.5U CubeSat with low power consumption such that other subsystems such as communication systems can perform normally.

NASA-Catalog: 40654


145.825 MHz, 1k2 AFSK AX.25

PSK31 Transponder

Uplink: 28.120 MHz, USB, BPSK31

Downlink: 435.350 MHz, FM, BPSK31

APRS Digipeater

Uplink: 145.825 MHz, 1k2 AFSK AX.25

Downlink: 145.825 MHz, 1k2 AFSK AX.25



Orbital Parameter

NORAD                   90720
Inclination             54.993
RA of A. Node           56.185
Eccentricity            0.0242923
Argument of Perigee     343.631
Revs per day            15.14687333
Period                  1h 35m 04s (95.7 min)
Semi-major axis         6 900 km
Perigee x Apogee        354 x 690 km
BStar (drag term)       0.000259120 1/ER
Mean anomaly            15.699


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