SERPENS is a 3U CubeSat which was developed by students at the University of Brasilia and focuses on meteorological data collection.

NASA-Catalog: 40897 or 40898


145.980 MHz, 9k6 FSK AX.25

437.365 MHz, 1k2 MSK CSP




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Demodulation software is being implemented and tested and will be made available online soon. As for now, the SERPENS team is using hardware demodulation with compatible TNC. A few units of such TNC's will be provided to AMSAT-BR and active radio amateurs tracking the satellite.

*Observation: During implementation of the SERPENS software, the development team considered to use the callsigns: SRPNSA and SERP-B (for Sector A and Sector B, respectively), based in previous experiences. Therefore, these callsigns are embedded in the secure default radio configuration of the satellite. After interaction with our colleagues from LABRE and AMSAT-BR, the team received precise instructions on how to proceed in accordance with the regulatory process, ending with the callsign: PY0ESA. The correct callsign (PY0ESA) will be loaded to the radio configuration by command from Ground operation. However, it is possible that radio amateurs will receive some transmissions including one or both the default callsigns (SRPNSA and SERP-B), if such transmission occurs between an automatic default radio configuration reload and a Ground command to correct callsign.