MFJ set out to give QRP enthusiasts a complete CW transceiver that would require nothing extra apart from a key, an antenna and a power supply. The result is this fabulous new series of rigs. Each model covers the complete CW band and offers razor sharp selectivity from the internal 750Hz xtal filter. Up to 5W output can be obtained with an internal control that permits power levels down to milliwatts. Features include AGC, RIT, semi break-in, optional 250Hz audio filter, optional electronic keyer module, superhet with double balanced mixer and narrow front-end tuner, and superb weak signal performance. The built-in speaker provides plenty of audio and thereбпs also a headphone output socket. MFJ QRP series: MFJ-9040 40m, MFJ-9030 30m, MFJ-9020 20m, MFJ-9015 15m, MFJ-9010 10m.

Миниатюрный недорогой однодиапазонный КВ трансивер MFJ-9440x один из наиболее популярных трансиверов разработанных для использования начинающими радиолюбителями и любителями QRP-связи; Характеристики: Приём/Передача - 7,150-7,3МГц; виды модуляции - LSB; выходная мощность - 10 Ватт; вес - 300гр;