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On-Air nets give ubuntu-hams members the chance to make contact via radio, however, these nets are open and anyone is welcome to join us.

Frequencies for BPSK are the actual center frequency of the net. For example, you might tune your rig to 14.0680 USB and use an audio center frequency of 1 KHz to result in the center frequency of 14.0690 MHz.

At least initially, these nets will be conducted as "assisted" nets, with coordination happening on the #ubuntu-hams irc channel on freenode. Some of our members are restricted to very low power or may not be able to operate on all HF bands, and this will give them a chance to experiment with psk31 modes and make reports even if they can't participate by transmitting.



Remote Listening

If you can't participate in a net, you may still be able to listen by using some of the web-based receivers that are available. More information about some of these can be found at these links:

* IW5EDI web page  http://www.iw5edi.com/ham-radio/?web-sh … eivers,101

* Global Tuners  http://www.globaltuners.com/



HF Phone Net Preamble

Before beginning, the Net Control Station Operator should check to see whether the frequency is in use


      This is (call sign). Is this frequency in use? (Pause)

Opening the ubuntu-hams net


      This is (name), (call sign), and I’m your net controller for the Ubuntu Hams net. This net begins every week at this time. This net is open to all whether or not you are a user of Ubuntu Linux.

      If you would like to learn more about Linux or Open Source Amateur Radio Software, you are invited to visit the ubuntu hams team web page. Simply search for ubuntu hams on the web. That's Uniform Bravo Uniform November Tango Uniform; hams.

      The purposes of this net is to provide a meeting place on the air for amateur radio operators using Linux in the ham shack, and to discuss open source software applications for amateur radio.

      This is a directed net. Stations are not to break the net by calling other stations directly, and should coordinate contacts with the Net Control Station.

      After check-ins are complete, I will call the roll and ask for comments, announcements, or requests for contact with other stations on the net.

      At my discretion, the net may be concerted to a round-robin net after initial checkins and comments.

      Any station wishing to check-in to the net, please come now with your call sign, name, and location.

      Record the list of participants

Remember to ask for additional check-ins after the initial call up

    * Are there any further check-ins for the ubuntu-hams net?

Proceed down the list of net check-ins asking for comments

    * N1nnn, this is K1nn, Do you have any comments, announcements, or requests for contact?

After completing the list, ask for late checkins

    * At this time I will take any late checkins for the Ubuntu hams net. Any station wishing to check-in to the net, please call now with your call sign, name, and location.

      Ask the new stations whether they have any comments, questions, or requests for contact

Signing off

    * Thank you for checking into the ubuntu hams net. Once again you can find more information about us by searching for ubuntu hams on the web. That's Uniform Bravo Uniform November Tango Uniform hams.

      The net is now closed and I am returning the frequency for regular use.

      This is (call sign) saying 73 and good night.



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