Japan Launches Amateur Radio Satellites on January 23

Japan successfully launched its GOSAT IBUKI satellite on January 23, 2009. GOSAT - Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite is an environmental monitoring satellite launched from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center aboard the H-IIA F15 booster.

GOSAT Launch Small Satellite SummarySatellite Downlink Beacon Mode Callsign
Kagayaki 437.375 437.375 FSK9K6/CW
STARS 437.485/.465 437.305/.275 FM/CW JR5YBN JR5YBO
KKS-1 437.445 437.385 AFSK/CW JQ1YYY
PRISM 437.425 437.250 AFSK/GMSK/CW JQ1YCX
SOHLA-1 437.505 437.505 AFSK/CW
SPRITE Scientific observation satellite
SDS-1 Small demonstration satellite

Masa, JN1GKZ reported that the small satellites are technically not CubeSats since they are larger in size and each platform is a unique design. Click on the satellite name in the table to follow the links for more information about each satellite. Telemetry analysis applications for the PRISM satellite are available. DK3WN has also written telemetry decoders for PRISM and STARS. Interim keplerian elements via Celestrak for Objects A through K are being used for tracking until each satellite is identified on orbit.