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CW_PLAYER 3.2.5a

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Freeware to learn and train the Morse code. Needs a sound card and Win95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP. The Morse message of page amateur radio has been generated with CW_PLAYER. CW_PLAYER includes automatic CW keying of the transmitter through serial and parallel ports or manual keying through the Joystick port. Good training. Click one of the following to know more about the numereous features of CW_PLAYER. Linux/Ubuntu users can run CW_Player through WINE 1.0.

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спасибо! пригодится в изучении ТЛГ. как раз решил разобраться с Убунту  :unsure:


You are here » ВінРадіоФорум » Радиолюбительское ПО » CW_PLAYER 3.2.5a