Менеджер WAE DX контеста Йорг DL8WPX опубликовал небольшое письмо для участников предстоящих WAE - контестов. В честь 60-летия диплома WAE в этом году, наряду с традиционными EU-DX связями в соревнованиях разрешается проводить и связи EU-EU. Такие связи хоть и не дают очков в контесте, но будут засчитываться на диплом WAE60.

Полный текст письма Йорга привожу ниже.

С уважением, Валентин, DL5GA/EW1GA.

Dear fellow contesters,

Next weekend, August 9/10th, the Worked All Europe DX Contest is finally starting into its 54th season.

In 2008 we also commemorate the 60th anniversary of the "Worked All Europe" award. A WAE Marathon will be held starting with the WAE DX Contest CW next week and ending with the WAE DX Contest SSB in mid September. Please visit http://wae60.de, where a lot more information is available.

Please be aware that in the context of this WAE60 Marathon Europeans might be interested to work other Europeans too, which is unusual for the WAE DX CW and SSB contests. These EU-EU QSOs are fully legal, of course, and can/should be present in the WAEDC contest logs as well. While they will not count as points for the contest score, they won't hurt either and certainly count for the special WAE60 award. Thus, if you are an European and another European is calling you during the contest, don't get angry this time - just work and log him and after a few seconds he is gone again.

Finally I hope to meet you on the bands during the contest.

Enjoy and be ready for the QTCs!

Best 73
de Joerg, DL8WPX
WAE DX Contest Manager

Подробнее: http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/fedcw.htm