Editor's Note:  Once again we are blessed with another fine antenna design by world class moxon expert, YU1QT.  Andra's other Moxon designs are shown on this website.  Andra always pushes the envelope for new and innovative designs and his group's contest scores are proof that these antennas work great.

YU1QT Writes:  "This one is a third in a series. First was showed by YU Ham Fest in Kragujevac, Serbia June 28, 2006.   Now is in my portable Ratari (KN04BP). Second one is by Leon, 9A2KL in Zadar, Croatia, both built from  1.5mm sq. copper in PVC. The last one by YT9A is built from 2,5mm sq. with  driver of 4mm sq copper in PVC. Last 3 day's work with " Lethal" limit power  by Boban YT9A (ex YZ1AU) in Grabovac (KN04BO). God help as in Ratari,  nearest QTH locator! I have lot of pictures from last saturday with 14 MOX 5 No.  3. which I will send along.

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