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V.I.P. - Радиолюбители

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The Amateur radio V.I.P. list

Ни для кого не секрет, что существуют люди ВиАйПи, т.е. важные персоны, не исключение и радиолюбители.... и не только по общественному статусу...
Вот некоторые из них

Callsign Name Claim to Fame Notes
9DRV? David Packard Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard (SK) 26-MAR-1996 (84)
9K2CS Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah Royalty
9N1MM Fr. Marshall Moran Renowned Missionary (SK)
A41LZ Murtadha Ahmed Sultan, Sultana Oman
AA0AX Dr. William B. Morgan Tuskegee Airman
AC4VW Gordon Barnes Meteorologist (ret.) ex-KC4OCA
AI6M Barry Friedman 2-time World Champion Juggler
CN8MH King Hassan II (Moulay Hassan) King of Morocco (SK) 24-JUL-1999
EA0JC Juan Carlos King of  Spain
F5VBY Tony Dolby brother invented Dolby Noise Reduction System ex-G3TZH, nr Toulouse, France XYL: Anne F5VBX
FO5GJ Marlon Brando Actor aka Martin Brandeaux aka KE6PZH
G0DMU Ian Morison Senior project manager at Jodrell Bank radioastronomy observatory, makes a special appearance in SF film "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", HG2
G0OAN Feargal Sharkey lead singer Irish punk band in 70's (via G4KFK)
G2DQU Sir Brian Rix Actor/Philanthropist
G3YLA Jim Bacon TV Meteorologist
GB1MIR Helen Sharman Astronaut
HS1A Bhumiphol Adulayadej King of Thailand on banknote of 20
I0FCG Francesco Cossiga former President of Italy (via XE1MN)
JA5FHB Katsutsugu Sekiya Minister of Construction and Minister of State for the National Land Agency (via Takehiko Hiyoshi JH6MHO)
JI1KIT Keizo Obuchi former Prime Minister of Japan (SK) 14-MAY-2000
JY1 King Hussein King of Jordan Very active ham before becoming (SK) 07-FEB-1999
JY1NH Queen Noor Queen of Jordan American-born Lisa Halaby
JY2HT former Crown Prince Hassan King Hussein's brother
JY2RZ King Hussein's cousin Prince Raad Chairman of the Royal Jordan Radio Amateur Society
K0HWY Gordon L. "Tex" Beneke crooner/movie actor -- see also (SK) 30-MAY-2000 (86)
K1AYA Walter "Pee Wee" Hunt musician and recording star via Bob W8SU
K1JT Joe Taylor Scientist/Princeton University Dean of Faculty/James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Physics Nobel Prize in Physics see also:
K1OKI Mickey Schulhof Heads SONY US
K2AGZ Dave Mann wrote hundreds of songs, his most popular "There I've Said It Again" via Bob W8SU
K2HEP John Sculley former CEO of Apple Computer lapsed callsign
K2MLT Walter Taylor vintner/artist/inventor/aviator/poet. (SK) 20-APR-2001 (70)
K2ORS Jean Shepherd Author/Actor/Radio/TV personality (SK) 16-OCT-1999 (78)
K2ZCZ George Pataki Governor of New York 1994- lapsed callsign, now re-issued
K4EB Larry Junstrom Bass Guitar player for the rock group 38 Special (via K4GZZ)
K4ICA Vera Mayree Tallman founder/past president YLISSB System - one of 1st airline stewardesses (SK) 19-JUN-2001
K4LIB Arthur Godfrey TV personality (SK)
K4ZVZ Paul W. Tibbets War Hero (via AA7OA) Pilot of B-29 "Enola Gay"
K6BBC Tony Randel Hollywood director of "Hellraiser II (1988)" among others; black belt in Kenpo Karate ex-WA6LGW, see:
K6DUE Roy Neal TV personality produces/stars in ham radio videos
K6DXK Ernest P. Lehman Writer, Producer, Actor, Director won Honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement 25-MAR-2001
K6EWP General Eugene E. Habiger (Ret.) Former commander in chief, United States Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, NE
K6WLS Timothy "Gaines" Hagelganz Bass Player in the world famous rock group (via
K6WLZ Irene Kelly Singer/Songwriter XYL of
K7JPD Jeffrey P. Duntemann Author ex-KG7JF
K7TA Clifford Stoll Scientist/Author/Actor
K7UGA Barry Goldwater late US Senator/vociferous friend of amateur radio (SK) 29-MAY-1998
K9QVL Robert P. Hanssen Former FBI agent and alleged spy (2001)
KB2GSD Walter Cronkite TV Journalist
KB2LHI Joe Walsh Guinness Book says "World's Fastest Shooter" (SK) 28-FEB-2000 (60)
KB4VJG Tommy Tucker Band Leader and network radio host via Bob W8SU
KB6LQR Jeana Yeager Pilot/Adventurer Voyager 'round the world flight 1986
KB6LQS Dick Rutan Pilot/Adventurer Voyager 'round the world flight 1986
KB6OLJ Paul J. Cohen Mathematician
KC2ONX Greg Olsen 3d space tourist (Oct 1, 2005) in board ISS. PhD in materials sciences. former director of Sensors Unlimited (sold in 2000)
KC5ZTA Koichi Wakata Astronaut from Japan (ISS)
KD4WUJ Patty Loveless Country Music Singer sang "You Don't Seem to Miss Me" w/George Jones at 1997 CMA Awards telecast
KD6BUP James Treybig, Jr. reportedly son of Tandem Computer CEO father W6JKV?
KG6FZX Dennis Tito Wealthy American Businessman paid $20M for ride to ISS
KO6NM Mike Dorrough Audio engineer and inventor, recipient of many awards in the music industry via Bob W8SU
LI2B Kon Tiki Raft Expedition Thor Heyerdahl (Leader, died 17-APR-2002) Kurt Haugland, LA3KY, and Torstein Raaby (ops)
LU1SM Carlos Saul Menem President of Argentina
M0SDX Sergei Rebrov professional soccer player ex-UT5UDX -- see also note below
N0UJR Greg Trook
N1ZSU Ted Ts'o Linux kernel developer
N4KET David French TV Journalist on CNN?
N4RH Ralph Haller former FCC PRB chief
N5QWL Jay Apt Astronaut
N6FUP Stu Cook Bass player Creedence Clearwater Revival
N6GGM Laura Cooks XYL of N6FUP
N6KGB Stewart Granger Actor born James Stewart!
N6NHG Kevin Mitnick noted? computer hacker
N6UDK Seth Shostak Astronomer at SETI Institute, scientific writer
N6YOS Priscilla Presley Actress (confirmed via K4GZZ)
N7YA Adam S. Taylor bass player for the rock group Industry
NK7U Joe Rudi Baseball player
NR3A Mike Griffin NASA Administrator 2005
SP3RN St. Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic WW II martyr/canonized saint
SU1VN Prince Talal Saudi Arabian royalty
U2MIR/UV3AM Musa Manarov Cosmonaut
UA1LO Yuri Gagarin First Cosmonaut (SK) 27-MAR-1968 age 34 - (jet crash)
VK2KB Sir Allan Fairhall Statesman
VK4HA Harry Angel Was Australia's oldest radio amateur (SK) 106 on 14-DEC-1997
VU2RG Rajiv Ghandi late Prime Minister of India
VU2SON Sonia Ghandi XYL of VU2RG
W0ORE Anthony W. "Tony" England Astronaut
W1AW Hiram Percy Maxim Inventor, radio pioneer, early aviation pioneer ARRL founder
W1HFA Paul Horomitz Physicist and radioastronomer Pioneer of SETI programs at Harvard University
W1ZE Irving Vermilya "the first licensed radio amateur in the U.S..A." (SK) JAN-1964 (73)
W2MFW Jerry Schatz Child actor from "Our Gang" comedies (credited as Jerry Tucker) neighbor of Bob Myers, K2TV
W2MGE Martin Block NYC Radio Personality known for "Make Believe Ballroom" via Bob W8SU
W2TQ Joel Miller IEEE attorney
W2ZXM Capt. Kurt Carlsen survived sinking of the Flying Enterprise. Later sailed the world, operating maritime mobile on Flying Enterprise II. (SK) 1989. Callsign now re-issued to Wayne, ex-N4OJY
W3DEF Stephen Aug broadcast and print journalist (now semi-retired)
W4CGP Chet Atkins Singer/Composer/"Certified Guitar Picker" (SK) 30-JUN-2001, ex-WA4CZD
W4LAA Paul Kangas co-anchor and financial commentator of Nightly Business Report see also -
W4ZG Worth Gruelle Author, Raggedy Ann/Andy books Original callsign holder, now re-issued
W5CY Howard Hughes Inventor, Pilot, Billionaire eccentric via Jim N8EE, and Bob W8SU
W5LFL Owen Garriot Astronaut
W6EZV General Curtis LeMay Military legend
W6JKV James Treybig reportedly CEO of Tandem Computers see KD6BUP
W6KHJ Beau Weaver Radio Personality and voiceover specialist - see also
W6OBB Art Bell Syndicated radio personality
W6QUT Freeman Gosden Actor (SK)
W6QYI Cardinal Roger Mahony Cleric Los Angeles Roman Catholic Cardinal
W6UK Alvino Rey Radio/TV/Records, reportedly invented the electric guitar via Bob, W8SU
W6ZH Herbert Hoover, Jr. Son of U.S. President/Callsign now held by the grandson of the President, Herbert "Pete" Hoover (Jr.: SK) Pete is alive & well in CA
W7DUK Nolan Bushnell Inventor, Computer Pioneer, Founded Atari ex-ham, 1958 Callbook
W8JK John Kraus Astronomer and noted antenna designer (Big Ear at Ohio State U., 8JK array, corner reflector, and circular polarized endfire helix) (SK) 18-JUL-2004
W8PAL Al Gross Communications Pioneer/Inventor (SK) 21-DEC-2000
W9GFZ Grote Reber Amateur and radioastronomer at NRAO (SK), call reassign to NRAO Amateur Radio Club
WA2MKI Larry Ferrari Musician/TV personality (SK) 20-NOV-1997 (65)
WA3VJB Paul Courson broadcast journalist -- see also
WA4SIR Ron Parise Astronaut
WA6AAA Bryan K. Joseph writer/TV series creator "Adam-12", "Three's Company", others
WA6TWX Kent Cullers Physicist, play the blind character "Kent Clark" in Carl Sagan's movie "Contact"
WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap Singer/Songwriter Spoke at Dayton Hamvention, 5/98
WB4KVB Paul Yandell Musician (with Chet Atkins) see also -
WB6ACU Joe Walsh Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Eagles
WB6RER Andy Devine Actor (SK)
WD4LZC Larnelle Harris Country/Christian Music Singer 7 time Grammy winner (via K4GZZ)
WD4SKT Donnie Osmond NOT the TV personality! Has same name...
XE1GC Guillermo GonzC!lez Camarena Invented color television picture tube (Tri-Color Tube that made viewing the color signal possible U.S. Patent 40235 (17-AUG-1940) (SK) (info via XE1ZVO)
XE1GGO Enrique Guzman Singer (info via XE1ZVO)
XE1K Walter Cross Buchanan ex-Minister of Communications and Public Works (SCOP) (SK) (info via XE1MN)
XE1MMM Jorge Vargas Singer (info via XE1ZVO)
XE1N Manuel Medina Built first spark transmitter in Mexico (SK) (info via XE1MN)
YU1RL Radivoje "Rasa" Lazarevic Yugoslav ambassador to Brazil March 2001
YU4ZU Goran Bregovic Actor, Musician

(SK) : Silent key
NB. We could also add more than hundred astronauts and cosmonauts who held an amateur radio license.



Juan Carlos, King  of Spain EA0JC



А это ЩСЛ карточка тоже ВиАйПи

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N5RAX Linda Godwin (Payload Commander Shuttle STS-59 "Endeavour"  April 1994)



JY1 King Hussein I. (King of Jordan) -silent key-

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и ещё....


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