KENWOOD TM-D710 Data Communicator 144/440 MHz Dual Bander has the following features:
APRS Ready
APRS Weather Station ready
KSS II+ (kenwood Skycommand II+)
NMEA 0183 GPS I/O port
Built-in 1200/9600 bps TNC
Echolink Ready
High RF Power Output (V/U: 50 watt)
1000 multifunction Memory Channels
Dual Receive on same band (V+V, U+U)
NOAA Weather Alert/RX (US Only)
Voice Guidance & Storage option (VGS-1)
MCP Compatible with ARRL "TravelPlus"

Wide reception: 118-524 MHz, 800-1300 MHz
MC-59 16-Key Hand Microphone with backlighting
Programmable memory capable of storing 5 independent operating profiles
DCS (Digital Code Squelch) with 104 selectable codes
Separate VOL/SQL for A & B Bands
Packet Monitor
DX Cluster
Waypoint Data Output
Clock (date/time)
6-pin Mini-DIN Socket for External TNC
8-pin Mini-DIN Socket for PC Connection (optional programming cable PG-5G or PG-5H required for PC connection)
Programmable Function Keys
Band Mask
Call Channel
S-meter Squelch & Hysteresis Timer
Monitor Function
3-hour Auto Power Off
MHz Mode
Selectable Frequency Step
Shift Function
Repeater Offset (selectable)
Auto Repeater Offset (ON/OFF, VHF only)
Automatic Simplex Checker
DTMF Memory (10 channels,16 digits)
DTMF Remote Control
Time Out Timer
Key Lock
Power-on Password
Memory Shift
Programmable VFO
Beep On/Off, Volume Control
Mic Program Function
Channel Display Mode
Power-on Message
LCD Brightness Control, Auto Brightness
Switch to External Speaker

KENWOOD TM-D710A & TM-V71A - буклет [.pdf, 843 KB]
KENWOOD TM-D710. Руководство по эксплуатации (мануал) и доплнения к нему на англ.яз. Мануал [.pdf, 2.7 MB] и Дополнения: часть 1 [.pdf, 3,5 MB] и часть 2 [.pdf, 4.4 MB].
KENWOOD TM-D710 - форум на YAHOO.COM
ОБЗОР трансивера KENWOOD TM-D710 (на немецком языке) журнала CQ/DL N 11'2007. Листы: 1 (159 KB), 2 (168 KB), 3 (198 KB), 4 (164 KB).
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